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As Golf is growing in popularity worldwide, Messenia makes its brand-new entry with two supreme golf courses in Costa Navarino. These signature golf courses with spectacular settings and overview of the landscape and the bay are two out of six originally planned courses in the Area. This ambitious plan aims at placing  Pylos, Navarino and surrounding as one of the top golf attractions in Europe in the near future.

The golf courses are approx. 5-10 km distance fromPylos.

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The beaches of Messenia and Polys surrounding are truly worth of praise. Some of them belong not just to the most beautiful in Greece but have been credited as being among world`s top ranked beaches (Times Magazine).

Such is the case of Voidokilia beach, a true pearl of Messenia with its stunning bay hidden behind the dunes of white sand and its crystal clear turquoise water. The first reference to this bay brings us far back to the Homer` Odyssey where the Voidokilia beach (also known as the Oxen`s Belly bay) has been used as a port by King Nestor. Voidokilia is aprox. 12 km distance from Pylos, and fast reachable from the village of Petrochory.

The Costa Navarino kilometers long sandy beach is in the vicinity of the luxury hotel resort and golf courses, where you can find intimacy and enjoy the beautiful view looking out to the see horizon.

Should you wish to go direction Gialova, around 6 km north from Pylos you will find the beautiful village beach and the 1.5 km long Divari beach also signposted “Golden Beach”, both with white sand and clean waters.

Numerous other public beaches are equally worth of visit; discover the Mati-Bouka beach, Petrochori, Finikounda pristine beach, Agios Nikolas, Kolopana beach, Glossa etc.

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For watersports fans there are numerous offers such as:

PADI Diving Center Finikounda,

Motorboat rentals,


Historical sights

The Messinian culture has a long historical span from the Neolithic through Mycenaean and Classical period, up to Byzantine and medieval times.

Pylos as a center of Mycenaean civilization is the most important archeological spot of Messenia. Its rich history is evidenced in numerous remnants of past kingdoms, settlements, towers and churches from all these epochs.

One should not miss to visit the Palace of Nestor that back in the Trojan time around 1300 BC was an important complex for King Nestor and the local nobles as we know from Homer.

Also important is the Apollo Epicurius Temple, belonging to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Temple was built 420-400 BC and has remained preserved to be nowadays one of the most beautiful statements of the Classical ancient architecture.

Ancient Olympia is as well the UNESCO World Heritage site; a testimonial of ancient Greek ideals of noble competition and the place of birth of the Olympic Games. The site is direction northwest from Pylos and a bit further than the other historical sites nonetheless, definitively worth of effort.

The Paleokasto tower in Pylos was built in the 13th century on the place of the old Acropolis of Pylos and it is a testimony of Frankish rule of this territory. Also important is the symbol of the Ottoman rule in Pylos, the fortress Neocastro with somewhat similar name to the former.

Furthermore, the Castles of Methony in the vicinity of the village Methony, the Castle of Kalamata and Castle of Kyparissia all from different historical periods along with various museums and Churches build an incredible historical mosaic of Messinian culture.

The kitchen

The region of Messenia is characterized by its own culinary delights whose flavors are inspired by regional domestic olives, particular spices and fresh local seafood. All these delights are to be found in typical Greek tavernas, whose characteristics are famous Greek hospitality along with its traditional dishes. Some of them have beautiful sceneries being directly on the sandy beaches thus providing for a complete visual and culinary pleasure of the guest with the Greek folkloric music in the background.

Should you wish to explore good restaurants or numerous tavernas in Pylos and those scattered in the surrounding villages, the choice is vast. One should not miss for instance La Cucina Italiana or La Rolla in Kalamata, the traditional Panorama or Maistrali in charming village of Marathopoli. Yet should you wish to dine in Pylos you can make no mistake in choosing tavernas such as Gregorius, Taverna o Koukos, Magevmata and Taverna tis Rinas, or finally Poseidona with its scenic view of the sunset.

For those longing for a deeper insight into the Messenian traditional cuisine, special culinary courses are being held by experienced local ladies so as to preserve the regional tradition and culture. For further information about these courses see:


A combination of excellent climate with spectacular nature of Messinia offers numerous choices for outdoor activities such as running, cycling, mountain biking, river trekking, but most of all for water sports such as swimming, Jet Ski, Waterskiing, surfing, diving and yachting.

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