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The market interest rates are on a stagnating low level. After the last market turmoil experts already are talking about an impending financial market revision or a long-term breakdown. This would have assumable affect on all EU countries and their economies.
The investment in tangible assets is therefore, becoming an alternative to savings.
A very special alternative is an investment in Greece in the project “Gialova” Messinia. In one of the most beautiful areas of the Peloponnese, Atum Group has conceptualized apartment houses which are intended as an investment, serviced apartments and apartments for living.
At a moment there is a certain deficit in terms of proper touristic infrastructure in Gialova region due to which many golfers and tourists are left with the scarce option of wether to take 5 * hotel or to go for an accommodation with a low standard.

The highlights:

    Return> 7% per year
    ROI within 13 years
    Yield growth through resale option
    Land register assured
The difference to a purchase of any old apartment in Greece:
The area is rapidly expanding, the closest golf courses just opened in 2020.
There is a strong demand for rentable beds in luxury segment from (Golf) travel agencies since the only good 5* Resort with two luxury hotels is very expensive.
9 month of continual rental through golf activities and golfers all settlements are made by our company capital investment return (see the calculation we send on request).
The golf courses of this region have become increasingly popular as a golf destination that virtually every golfer knows. The hotel complex in its direct vicinity is making very strong advertising throughout big promotion activities such as the EAGLES Charity, the German charity this year, the President Cup tournament or for example the event of Volkswagen that for the purpose of presentation of new PASSAT model has booked the entire 5* Hotel.
The travel agencies have now a significantly wider range of customers and have to choose between a very expensive 5 * hotel or some small cheap local hotels in the range of 3 * that are often far away from the golf courses. Apart from some small private accommodations, which are ranked by the quality in the lower range, there is no alternative. Therefore, the accommodation with good quality is urgently needed.
Because of this strong demand, we have found and prepared a centrally located property in Gialova (see above), on which we will build an apartment building with a total of 10 apartments / pool / terrace  and parking. Our partners and travel agents will rent these apartments in advance. Nonetheless, we are still looking for possible partners and investors during the construction phase.
The apartments are designed for customers who tend do see it primarily as an investment and as a self-use apartment for 4 weeks per year (2 weeks in the high season + 2 weeks in the pre / post season). We have enclosed a sample calculation: depending on the creditworthiness equity of around 30% that should suffice. The site is located between two currently existing golf courses (the construction of other two courses near Pylos have finished 2020) and is just 150 meters distant from the sea / beach and 2 minutes walk from the restaurant strip of Gialova. (See photos)
Short description of the concept:

The rental/ cleaning of the apartments is managed by our company. The owner would be just requested to announce the period when he/she would mostly like to use the apartment.

In the pre-calculation of a rental for the period – March to November assumable:

03/04/05 golfers, then season 06/07/08 summer tourists and then again golfers 09/10/11. The three winter months and a month of summer therefore, are entirely for self-use.

The complete maintenance such as cleaning / linen change / repair / pool / garden / maintenance etc. will be done on spot i.e. the customer pays a fixed fee for the weekly cleaning service.

The apartments are modern and fully equipped in style of a 5* hotel suite, incl. comfortable box spring beds, a small kitchen with dishwasher, refrigerator, washer / dryer, flat screen TV and Wi-Fi. The interior design concept is being developed and carried out by a professional designer. The prices of the furniture and devices are not yet predictable and they will be added to the purchasing price. Nonetheless, they can not be influenced by the owner as the entire concept has to guarantee a certain standard and uniformity in design with a scope to optimize and make possible the renting of the apartment.

In order to ensure the highest possible balance of revenue of the total rental income of the house, all costs are well-defined by a key and depending on the proportion of m2 which are divided through the owners. The ownership of the overall plot and each apartment is listed in the land register. The completion of the construction is scheduled for Spring 2017.

Should you be interested to purchase only one apartment for the self-use, we have reserved a second plot where we will also build an apartment house with about 12 apartments in 2017. Here however, the prices will be approximately 15% higher since the property is very expensive. We intend to separate  two houses i.e. these projects and make no interrior design work within this project if not request. Therefore, one can single tailor the apartment according to his/her personal preferences.

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