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Description and the execution of renovation and building of a stone house

During the construction engineering study on the technological university of Munich, I have worked since 1992 in a Munich design engineering department. The deepening fields of Statics and that of Massive construction were a condition for the next activity of a designer of the structural engineering.

The consideration of stone houses needs adequate knowledge in these areas, so as to understand the active forces and the teamwork of the materials.

More then Twenty years of experience in the project development, draft and work planning, form the condition for efficient spatial planning. Accordingly, long experience in the execution of construction and in the construction management turn theory into practice and with it make me a reliable partner for project building, from the first draft, up to handing over the key.

Valentina Di Domenico, daughter of an endowed inner architect in Rome, guarantees the Mediterranean atmosphere, as well as the correspondence of materials, colors and the equipment of interiors.

With the renovation of the present stone houses, particular attention was paid to the fact that old and traditional elements were preserved or were copied accordingly. The choice of the most capable and most reliable craftsmen has made it possible to build also new stone houses in this style, so original that it makes it difficult to be recognized from the outside as a new building.

An example and a proper show-house for the aforementioned is the authoritative house in Grekas. The original construction body was complemented with cultivation. This was built in the same stone structure and with the use of selected, old wood and is not to be distinguished from the e.g. eighty years old house.

All these conditions are prerequisites for the execution of the idea of an old mountain village, consisting of stone houses, with stone-paved streets and village squares. No settlement, no new building arrangement, no holiday arrangement. An idyllic mountain village, in the way one fancies and envisages it. Every house is an individual product of a costly manual labor. Every facade has its own structure. The inside work is done according to the modern standards and technology. Whether a house will be a modern-Mediterranean or rural style, this can be chosen by the owner himself.

Dip. Ing. Alexander Krinner[/vc_column_text][/vc_tab]

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