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We would like to present to you a house with exceptional quality and flair of traditional old stone-houses that tells a long story, yet brings renovation and quality performance with Central European building standards. Compact and therefore, very effective. 

A wall height of 3.00 meters gives to the room a sense of space that appears almost limitless, with very large windows in the living room. The connection to the outdoor is particularly emphasized. The large windows are sliding elements with heat insulation glazing. Upon request, folding elements can be attached, so that distinction can be fully dissolved.

There are two bedrooms in the upper-area, each equipped with a private bath. This area can also be completely separated from the living area with an optional door. Depending on the hillside, the sleeping area lies 4-5 stairs higher, i.e. the slope of 18.5 x 27 cm. 

The following specification gives an overview of the building of stone houses in traditional stone-construction style, easily combined with plastered facades.

The structure is reinforced by a concrete skeleton which runs within its stone exterior wall by the approved calculations. The outer walls are about 50cm thick. The wall openings for the windows and doors are on the outside and are made with wood or stone lintels. However, the supporting effect is reinforced by concrete lintels and reinforced concrete beams. The facade is made ​​according to traditional standards with the old-style elements.

The outer wall has a three-shell structure. Outside the stone façade (on request with plastered faces, so that a mixed form yields) within the concrete skeleton of the insulating layer and the inner veneering with brick or drywall. The client can make the decision on whether he wants or not a concealed interior.

The roof structure is designed as a truss with roof insulation on the vapor-permeable roofing membrane. The wooden components are left natural or stained in a light natural color (white or beige). The roof overhang is 30 cm including the stone ledge. The roof structure consists of a round natural wood beams, with no preserved lumber. The formwork consists of planed wood, depending on the structure as solid wood panels, or otherwise from groove boards.

The house entails an open fireplace which is installed as a finished part. The walling is a modern style in white, with optional stone or wood. The decision about the material to be used lies on the client himself.

On the inside, the walls are plastered and painted white. On request, the outer wall section can be provided with exposed stone surfaces.

The windows and doors have thermal insulation with double glazing. With the standard glazing the window has a thermal insulation value of UW = 2.5 W/m²k. Higher insulation values are possible ​​on request. We note that the average winter temperature is 10-15 ° C . Upon request shutters are placed inside or on the outside. All elements including the front door are made of wood or aluminium. Window sills inside and thresholds are made of light marble or natural stone, whereas the window sills outside are made of stone.

Interior doors are made in white lacquer finish or solid wood.

The floor coverings are in natural stone or in large format tiles in bright natural colors made by Italian manufacturer. Accordingly, the wall tiles will be placed only in immediate wet areas of the bath. The budget: price for the material 35 €/m², VAT included. Upon request, wooden floor can be installed as well.

Sanitary equipment:

The bathrooms are decorated in Mediterranean style: a sink on a brick bench; a toilet and a tiled shower in each bathroom; separate guest toilet (3 toilets in total) and a hand basin. Hot water for the bathrooms, guest toilet and kitchen is provided from a central boiler-capacity of 100 liter (see also heating). The common accessories: budget € 1500, – each for the bathroom equipment.

Additionally, there are two outside water taps, 1x terrace side and 1x entrance side of the house.

Heating / Cooling:

In addition to the fireplace, the house is equipped with an optional central air heat pump so as to operate the ventilation system for heating or cooling (Rotex Manufacturers, LG or equivalent). A solar thermal system for hot water supply will also be installed.

The houses will be insulated in accordance to the latest energy saving regulations.

The data are given for the respective spaces (for lamps only the connections)

Entrance area: 1 socket and 2 wall lamps
Gest toilet:  1 socket and 1 wall lamp
Per a bathroom: 2 sockets and 1 wall lamp
Kitchen area: 5 sockets and 2 wall lamps
Living room area: 8 sockets and 4 wall lamps, TV
Per a bedroom: 4 sockets and 2 sconces
Outdoors: 2 sockets and 6 wall lights, power plinths on the entire property


The outdoor area is created individually according to the special wishes of the client. The terrace surface (main terrace 45 m², each 7 m in front of the bedroom) and the access to the house up to 10 m² are included in the basic price, i.e. the version with broken stone – covering on the concrete-base.

Upon request, a private pool 4.00 x 8.00 m, with foil lining could be built. The pool structure consists of a concrete floor slab and a brick built over a basin of concrete blocks. The walls are braced by two reinforced concrete ring beams. The pool height up to the edge of the pool is 1.50 m thus resulting in a water level of about 1.38 m. The standard equipment is provided namely, a floor drain, skimmer, two inlet nozzles, the pool lighting and a swimming pool ladder. Cleaning circuit is managed through a sand filter system. The swimming pool surrounding is covered with natural stone.

The earthworks and access roads are included and as a basis the loamy subsoil is assumed.

Electricity and water supply is guaranteed. 

Changes in the requests are possible. Furthermore, we are happy to take over the facilities as well as the decor of your home on request. As to the former, we provide interior design suggestions and plans so as to make your home both, pleasant and functional!

The drawings may include optional extras and present the set-up arrangement. The specifications are however, essential.


Plans & Sketches "Hills"
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