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The return aspect is becoming increasingly important when buying a property abroad. An interesting recent market study led by FeWo- direkt shows the prime-buying motives for the acquisition of a property:

– Own use and rental (58.9%)
– Retirement (46.4%)
– Rental (29%)
– Financial and capital investment (22.6%)
– Inflation protection (21.7%)

We have recognized this trend early on and thus offer our customers a worry-free package to include: the purchase, holiday rentals and property management under one umbrella. Owning a house in Greece thus is an interesting investment in tandem with its personal use. Talk to us, we will help you!

At present, the price of land in Greece is at its historic low. Nonetheless, the economy recovered in 2014 for the first time and the prices rose slightly already in spring. The future homeowners should not worry about the current or future market fluctuation, negative interest rates or equity markets. We are happy to make you a personal offer on a quote tailored to your needs and financial possibilities. In addition, we can assist you with a reliable financial consultancy service in the process of financing of your property.

The financial aspect is among the most important in the process of planning of a vacation home. The bank can offer an interesting financing model, secure in the currently low interest rates should the temporary rental of your future house be an option. There is a high demand for rental of new and well-furnished houses in this area therefore, we can predict a high utilization of your property. The golfers for example, attach great value to a very high standard and are ready to pay accordingly.

For instance, the rental of a house can generate revenue of approximately € 1.000 per week (net price after all the price deductions and amortization) whereas during the high season (golfers come usually from March to mid of June) the revenue can be even higher. The regular summer season runs from June through mid of September when the golf season restarts. Thus, investing a slightly higher amount can generate a very pleasant extra income.

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