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A personal note from Johann Cenker

A closer look into our modern way of life raises the question of its quality! How do we live?

One endures immense pressure and stress, emotional closure and superficiality in relation to the true values of life when trapped by continuous game of keeping pace with the fast changing environment.

Western Society is turning into a world of “superlatives”. The question of our skills and their limits creates an immense pressure on each one of us individually: just how fitter, wiser, more adaptable, faster and effective must we still become? There is hardly time for thorough thinking and analysis. We became accessible nearly on each spot of earth, regardless of the circumstances or geographical boundaries, and the day-to-day quest for information, wrongly perceived as the utmost prerequisite for our survival, demands more forces than  what we maybe have at our disposal. Needless to say that statistics show these negative trends: Alarming figures of people afflicted by burn-out syndrome, physiological stress, depression or similar phenomena.

The dilemma is whether one should succumb to this trend or simply take the initiative to improve life and make meaningful changes of lifestyle.

If your thoughts are gravitating in this direction, then you are just in a right place with us! 

We have discovered a wonderful quiet area on the sea with pleasant climate in south Peloponnese in Greece. This area has not yet been overwhelmed by mass tourism: It is pure and intact, with endless olive trees that dominate the Messenian hills and its archaic scenery, with neither industry in its wider vicinity nor heavy infrastructure.

 A place for relaxation and recovery, intimate and pure- come to Pylos and you will be enchanted by its beauty and convinced about our story…

Johann Cenker
commercial manager

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