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A Personal Note from Alexander Krinner

During a 2005 trip at Peloponnesus together with my wife Valentina, I discovered the region Messenia and Achaia and have fallen in love with the idyllic scenery and its inhabitants. Together with our son, we live here for four years now, and I have never regretted for a moment to have left behind my old native country and the city of Munich.

For almost fifteen years I was active as a¬†building engineer in Germany and upon coming here, i have specialized, in the renovation and new building of stone houses in the old style. These small houses were locally endorsed and were met with a very good acceptance partly because they were reminiscent of old times in that the concept originated from the idea to build an ‘old’ stone village, with narrow lanes, village squares and stone houses, but nevertheless, with modern and very elegant indoor equipment.

After the finance market crisis, I have also learned to rethink like many of my friends. Namely, many financial-yield models today are not oriented toward real values. The investment forms and real-estates give reason for these concerns.

Today I build houses where people can get a real equivalent for their money again. Where they can eat well, breathe fresh air and have a bath in a clean and crystal-clear sea. The concept is working well for people who do not only invest through the bank advisor, in figures, lines and tables but who instead would like to feel and see their investment, as well as use and enjoy it without breaking their head over maintenance. Namely, if they are not on holiday themselves in their small house, we offer assistance and can undertake all servicing and maintenance. One knows his investment was proper when one has joy with it and besides a gratifying yield, he also has the opportunity to spend warm evenings on his own porch. I share such views and would personally like to reach pleasure within this project.

I appreciate the contact with people and believe in the idea of improving and making life conditions more pleasurable, while not more expensive by good decisions. In addition, such a project enables one to achieve a later increase in value of his investment, and to enjoy his life in one of the nicest and quietest parts of south Europe.

The responsibility doesn`t end with the project development, planning and construction of the village, but continues with the management and connecting of the village as a villager.

I warmly invite you to participate in our project of experiencing Mediterranean life at its best. With our care, security and dependability, we will be your everyday companions.


Dipl. Ing. Alexander Krinner
Planning, Construction and Consulting

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