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After I was on the move in Greece because of the projects which were in progress in the last years, I came to know the beauty of the area around Pylos.

It was precisely by the end of 2012 that one inspection of a property led me for the first time to the area of Kalamata. Two years afterwards, two luxury hotels along with two golf courses were finished within the area of Pylos. Since the resort with these hotels and golf courses was set in motion, the regional air traffic has intensified with nowadays direct flights to Kalamata from London, Vienna, Stockholm, Munich, Frankfurt, Zurich etc. These flights are truly comfortable and short; for instance, from Vienna one reaches Kalamata in just 2 hours and the flights are now more frequent, going practically all through the year from February to November. Due to all these developments, the area around Pylos has been awaken from a long sleep, yet the area is still untouched with pristine beaches of stunning beauty and original picturesque Greek villages.

Together with my friend and partner Alexander Krinner, who originates from Tyrol/Austria and has studied architecture and civil engineering in Munich, but lives now for many years in Greece, I have had the look at the area.  After many evaluations Alexander, who from his side has built there several houses for Austrian and German buyers and thereby is a connoisseur with a lot of experience in Greece, has agreed with me that this area is the top future destination!

Until present Alexander Krinner has built his projects approx. 200 km to the north in the area of Patras, yet now we will concentrate to the Pylos area. For our projects we have already secured and reserved properties in olive groves of approximately 20 hectares of land. Starting this spring, we are to build there houses with particular design and elements; all the houses will be in the approximate sea nearness or will have a beautiful sea view. Furthermore, they will be in the golf course vicinity and the vicinity of Pylos/ Kalamata.

The properties in the sea nearness lie on a flat area, hence we have planned there the living room with terrace on the first floor, as well as a terrace above which will offer a marvelous view of the sea.

On the other hand, the houses on the hill already offer this view from the ground floor, hence no terrace is planned there.These houses have also more favorable price.

An individual solution is always possible so, in case you have another vision of your summer cottage, we will gladly present to you an offer especially tailored to your exact needs.

Given the vicinity of golf courses, there will be a high demand for the rent of these houses by many golfers who will prefer to reside in a house instead to a hotel. If requested, we can organize for you the renting of your house property as well as the house maintenance i.e. house and pool cleaning, fresh bed sheets etc.

The whole area will profit further from the third (already in construction) and fourth golf course. This will also positively affect the increase of the property values, already now going upwards. Should you wish to sell your property in the future, we can undertake to do this on your behalf.

For the investor this is a very secure arrangement. The payment occurs as follows: Purchase of the property & deposit for the house and then the rest according to building and construction milestone-progression. Everything is legally secured and in full accordance with the land register.

We remain at your disposal for any further questions and we look forward to welcoming you to your next step – the property inspection in Greece.

Johann Cenker
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